On Thursday, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation a few days after revoking Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. 

In his speech, among other things, the PM mentioned how it will now be simpler to tap into a precious resource from Ladakh — the ‘Solo’ plant.


In his speech, the PM said,

It is said that the plant is a boon for those living in high altitudes as it has vast medicinal properties. It works as sanjeevani for them. It helps keep the immune system strong in low oxygen areas. Should it not be sold worldwide? This is only one of the many medicinal herbs found in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. They will be identified marketed, people and farmers will benefit directly.

Known for its superior medicinal properties, the Solo or the Rhodiola Rosea plant is native to the cold-dry regions of Ladakh. It is said to help boost the immune system in areas with especially low oxygen. 

Typically, the leaves are used as a vegetable by locals and the stem, flower, and root are used for medicinal and antiseptic purposes. 


It is believed that the mythical mysterious ‘Sanjeevani booti’ that has a generous mention in the Ramayana could have been the same plant. 

According to DIHAR (Defence Institute of High Altitude Research) in Leh, the plant enhances the immune system, has radio-protecting ability, has antidepressant properties, can increase appetite, can help in low oxygen and low-pressure environments and so much more.