Rules are rules, right? With strict lockdown rules in place, thousands of events and celebrations have been postponed by people in India.

But there are some who are still flouting the rules. Even among those going against the rules, it seems that action is taken only against the ordinary citizens and not the VIPs.

This was highlighted today when on one hand, former Karnataka CM’s son comfortably tied knot in a VIP wedding, another couple was arrested in Navsari, Gujarat for tying the knot amid a nationwide lockdown.

While sources close to the former Karnataka CM told media that it was not a fat Indian wedding, pictures from the event clearly show violation of social distancing rules.


It is to be noted that while lockdown rules were defied by both the parties, only one faced legal action.

Reason: Rules apply only to ordinary citizens and not to VIPs.

It is sad to see VIP culture winning over everything else at a time when we need to take social distancing and other lockdown rules seriously.

I’m sure coronavirus doesn’t spare even the VIPs.