It’s a given that the secret to success in UPSC examinations is consistent efforts and focus.

The ones who are keen on clearing the exam often seek shelter under the interviews of the toppers. A handbook on how they went from aspirant to topper is everything a candidate wants.

Having said that, some responses may lead you astray or just fail to meet your objectives. Blindly believing their suggestions as a gospel isn’t a good idea. Look at what Twitter has to say.

Although, smart work plays a key role in cracking these exams, one can’t overlook the need to put in everything in the preparation. No matter how intelligent you are or the number of exams you have topped.  

UPSC tests everything patience, intelligence, hard work, smart work. Clearing UPSC isn’t as easy as certain toppers would say.  

Relying on luck and considering hardwork unworthy won’t work you or anybody else out there, regardless of whether you have a track record of attaining success swiftly.