Former Andhra Pradesh minister Mukesh Goud’s son, Vikram Goud – who is also a youth Congress leader – was rushed to a Hyderabad hospital after receiving multiple bullet injuries last week.

However, it turns out that, Vikram staged the attack on himself, as an attempt to garner sympathy votes in his Goshamahal constituency. He had orchestrated the whole incident because he planned to contest the Assembly elections in 2019, NDTV reported. 

While probing the attack on Vikram, Hyderabad police found that the youth Congress leader and eight other people were involved. The Times of India reported that while Vikram is yet to be arrested, his accomplices Nanda Kumar, Shaik Ahmed, Raees Khan, K Babujan and A Govind Reddy have been arrested on Wednesday. But two others are still absconding.

According to reports, Vikram, who has made investments in the movie business and other ventures, apparently has a ton of debt and had been looking for a way to pay settle his dues.

Cops said that Vikram had asked the hired guns to shoot at him thrice because three is his lucky number. The youth Congress leader has now been charged under multiple sections and will be arrested after his discharge.

Feature image source: Facebook/Vikram Goud