If you haven’t figured out that Harry Potter was about racism and atrocities against minorities, right now would be a really good time to give those good old books a read. 


The reason I’m invoking Harry Potter here is because people have been sharing something on Instagram, something Ronald Weasley said in the books, that is extremely critical to the current socio-political climate in India. 


Even the pictures are similar. 

Manorama Online

Luna and Hermione are reading about the wizarding ministry under Lord Voldemort starts its process of segregating people based on what family they were born in.


The Ministry does it by asking everyone to find and submit concrete proof of their ancestry to prove that they had some wizard/witch in their families. Failing to do so would then mean that they had stolen the magic. 


After hearing about this, Ronald Weasley, the simple-minded friend of Harry Potter says: 

People won’t let this happen. 

But they did, didn’t they? Hopefully, we won’t.