Wuhan in China was the apparent birthplace of the new coronavirus, and as cases skyrocketed, an immediate solution was needed. To this end, China built a new hospital in record time (10 days) dedicated to treating those affected. It has 1000 beds and 30 intensive care wards, and has been treating patients round the clock.

Now, a striking image is being shared of Dr. Xiang lying down exhausted, in full safety gear, after discharging the last patient from this makeshift hospital.

We cannot verify the authenticity of the image, but it is reportedly of a doctor treating coronavirus in china.

The image is a significant reminder to laud the health departments around the world, who have been under immense pressure to treat patients while risking their own health in the process.

People online celebrated the hard work and sacrifices of everyone helping out.

The exemplary work of the worldwide health community is truly commendable, especially at a time of widespread panic and fear. Salute!