The world, as things are, has gone to shit at the moment, at least for us humans. Glaciers are melting, bees are dying, and oh yeah, there’s a global pandemic ravaging our lives and throwing regular functioning into disarray. But it can’t get any worse right?

Wrong! In case the doomsday signs weren’t clear enough, Indonesia’s Krakatoa volcano erupted yesterday, sending plumes of smoke, lava and ash into the air 13 feet high, like a shout-out from hell.

Seriously? Amid everything that’s going on, there’s also a massive volcanic eruption? There might as well be flaming rocks falling from the sky next.

The video looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic death-world. It last erupted in 2018, and caused a deadly tsunami that killed over 400 people. Reactions to this news were… interesting.

Let’s just hope the eruption doesn’t affect people’s lives and livelihoods. Things are bad enough as it is. Damn, 2020, you’re relentless!