Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram are the names of the few places where wearing masks has become compulsory, failing which a legal action might also be taken against you. 

Earlier, it was recommended that only those who might be suffering from cold or cough should wear masks in public. But now, it is recommended that everyone no matter if you are suffering from any COVID-19 symptom or not, should wear a mask while going out to buy essentials or for any other chore.

With the shortage of masks in the country, here are a few videos that will help you to make DIY masks at home easily. Remember, the best fabric to make a DIY mask is 100% cotton. For the same, you can use your old cotton t-shirts or dupattas.  

1. How to make masks from your old T-shirt?

Earlier, old t-shirts used to become poochas, now they will become masks. Check out this video to convert your old t-shirt into a brand new mask and that too without any sewing.  

2. How to make a mask using a Bandana?

Bandana or a little piece of cotton cloth can instantly be converted into a mask. You will not be required to sew in this technique. You can even place a coffee filter in the middle to make it even safer. Here’s how.

3. Make a filter mask.

If you want to make filter masks, here’s the best way you can do it. This method includes a filter pocket that can be used to change filters regularly.

4. Learn from a pro.

If you want to learn how to make a mask at home, then another great way is to learn from a professional. And who best than the textile minister of India, Ms Smriti Irani. She shares a step-by-step image of how to make a mask at home.

Now that you know how to make a mask at home, make sure to not leave your house without a mask. Not only is it a crime in some states, but more than that, it might put you and others around you in danger.