Will I need to link my Aadhaar to Facebook?

Will Facebook have access to all my personal information?

Can’t I address myself as Angel, Princess, Rani, Er., CA?

Seems as if linking Aadhaar with bank accounts, mobile numbers, or for that matter Paytm wasn’t enough to cause confusion and commotion in the lives of Indians, that now Facebook is asking for Aadhaar authentication?



The latest feature introduced by Facebook asks the Indian users to enter their names as mentioned in the Aadhaar card. The new prompt of Facebook reads, “Using your real names makes it easier for friends to recognize you”.

Twitter and Reddit users have shared the screenshots of the prompt.


According to reports, a Facebook spokesperson has confirmed that the company is prompting users to sign-up with their Aadhaar name, as part of a small test. He also made it clear that it is not mandatory and users can choose to skip the prompt too.

Although Facebook has confirmed that it is just a small test, the move has left users in utter chaos. With around 200 million Facebook users in India, people are worried if the move could invade their privacy.

Facebook is just asking you to enter your name as mentioned on your Aadhaar card. It is not asking for your Aadhaar number or any other personal details.

The screenshot of Facebook prompt went viral on social media with all sorts of jokes and questions creeping in.

Concerns about security.

A goodbye to all fake names.

Then there were some future predictions too.

Aadhi adhoori knowledge can be harmful.

Lucky ones.

RIP all fake accounts on Facebook!!