GIF images are something JK Rowling had already invented in the minds of the Potterheads. They already saw moving portraits in the walls of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Now technology has reached the zenith where you can have your digital album filled with moving pictures too. If you are an iPhone user, soon you will be able to create a GIF profile image on Facebook. Watch and learn:

1. Open your Facebook App on iOS.

2. Go To Your Profile page and tap your display picture.

3. Select Take a New Profile Video or Upload Video or Photo . If you don’t see those options, the update hasn’t rolled out to you yet and will say Coming Soon .

Facebook Newsroom

4. Select or record your video (7 second is your limit).

Don’t worry android users, sooner or later it will be adapted by android too. Remember the whole craze about Blackberry Messenger service, when everyone purchased a Rs 10,000 phone just to able to chat for free? It was ultimately adapted by android.

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