Holi the festival of colours can be a traumatic experience for some, thanks to a few miscreants in cities targeting random people, particularly women. But in Mumbai, the police have promised action against those targeting women.

Mumbai Police has announced that this year vans will be sent to locations to where women complain of harassment. And the woman doesn’t even need to go to a police station, all she needs to do is tweet an image of the miscreants harassing them, reports India TV News

Here’s what Mumbai Police tweeted: 

The police has said that an FIR will also be lodged on the basis of a tweet that shows a group or individual harassing a woman.

For the FIR to be filed, the tweet needs to have an image of the miscreant, the location of the incident, a detailed account of the incident, and the complainant’s name. 

Mumbai police spokesperson Dhananjay Kulkarni also added, “The first thing the complainant should ensure is her own safety. She should refrain herself from indulging in any kind of fight.”

Responding to concerns over misuse of the law, Kulkarni told Mid-Day,

“We will verify each complaint by making preliminary investigations on the spot so that no one misuses the law.”

Meanwhile the Mumbai police commissioner’s official Twitter handle had one more to add to a series of witty one liners. 

There will also be a squad to patrol the city to prevent people from damaging public property.