PM Narendra Modi gave a speech at a rally in the national capital yesterday, where he spoke about the CAA, the NRC and economic growth under his government, among other things. 

However, when put under the microscope, we found that a lot of stuff he said was factually inaccurate. 

1.  One of the most pressing issues he spoke about was the nation-wide CAA and NRC protests. PM Modi said that since his government has been in power (2014), there has been no discussion of NRC anywhere. 

In truth, members of his cabinet, including the PM himself have spoken about a nation-wide NRC quite a few times. 

Here’s a news clipping of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh calling a countrywide NRC inevitable. 


Here’s Home Minister Amit Shah talking about how the CAB would be introduced first to give citizenship to refugees and then the NRC would be implemented to root out ‘infiltrators’. 

And finally, here is Modi talking about the NRC in an interview with Times Now. 

2. PM Modi also denied the existence of any detention centres in India. 

Again, of course, the PM was way off course. According to Indian Express, detention centres, built as per Centre’s norms to house ‘illegal foreigners’ in Assam will be ready by end of the year.

Indian Expres

As we speak, another detention centre is being built by the Karnataka government on the basis of an MHA manual issued to state governments as early as January 2019. 

Indian Express

In September 2019, Mumbai Mirror had reported that Maharashtra’s home department was seeking 3 acres of land from Navi Mumbai’s planning authority CIDCO to build a detention centre in the state. 

3. Modi also talked about the NRC or the CAA having nothing to do with Indian Muslims. 

In April 2019, Home Minister Ami Shah had made a speech saying that the CAA would first give citizenship to Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain and Christian refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and use the NRC to flush out ‘infiltrators’. 

If you are still confused about how it affects Indian Muslims, you can refer to this explanatory article here

4. Modi also called out Congress and the ‘Urban Naxals’ for spreading rumours. 

Even if we ignore the fact that he called hundreds of protesting students Urban Naxals, his claims about Congress doing anything to inspire these protests are actually quite baseless. 

India Today

The protests began to gain momentum after police entered Jamia’s campus and beat students. In, fact until very recently, no political parties hadn’t even joined the protests, let alone Congress. 

In fact, Congress has been taking a lot of criticism for not owning up to being the chief opposition party and leading the protests. 

Deccan Herald

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had also received a lot of flak for taking a trip to South Korea while people expected him to lead his party’s cadre on the streets. 

If only our PM realised that the internet shutdown hasn’t been implemented in the whole country yet. We can still Google stuff he says.