In politics, it’s common to hear certain far-fetched statements, that’s just an unfortunate fact. Every single politician does it, and it’s such an innate part of the process that there’s almost no way to really stop them. Now, there’s a difference between doublespeak and straight lies, and recently, we have been hearing some statements from our Premier that are in need of a fact check.

1. Modi claimed Omar Abdullah said, “The abrogation of Article 370 will bring a massive earthquake that will divide Kashmir from India.” This was a fake quote from a satire website. 

On February 6, Modi attacked former J&K CM Omar Abdullah by attributing the quote to him. It was also tweeted by the BJP’s official handle.

However, this quote is actually from the satirical website Faking News, and was never actually said by Abdullah. 

2. On October 2nd, Modi claimed rural India was open defecation free. However, a National Statistical Office (NSO) survey found 29% rural households had no access to toilets.

The study basically found that more than one-fourth of households in villages have no access to toilets. This stands in direct contrast with Modi’s statements on the same.

Business Standard

3. Recently, Modi said, “In my childhood, I had the privilege of touching the feet of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.” Considering Khan was either under arrest or in exile since Modi was born, this is impossible.

Activist Saket Gokhale clarified the situation further, explaining that Modi was born in 1950 and turned 18 in 1968. During all those years, freedom fighter Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was either under arrest in Pakistan or in exile in Afghanistan.

4. Modi claims he received a BA degree in political science from School of Open Learning, DU in 1978. However, there is no record of this degree. 

Election affidavits also claim he got his Masters degree in ‘Entire Political Science’ From GU – That course does not exist and is not taught in the university. So far, no student or professor has claimed to have studied with Modi.

National Herald

5. Modi recently said, “The culture, traditions and demography of the North East remains untouched by CAA.” Considering NE citizens have been protesting for over 50 days and 5 lives have been lost, this is clearly untrue.

The PM made these statements in January while giving a talk in Kolkata. He also said that the Centre has specifically taken care of the North East. Several organisations in Assam pointed out that the CAA violates the Assam Accord. Considering the volatile situation in the North East, it’s unthinkable to claim their lives have remained untouched.


6. In December, Modi Said, “A lot of lies are being spread about NRC. It was made during the Congress regime.” However, the Congress NRC was envisioned only for Assam, not the whole of India.

Further, the NRC envisioned by the Congress was in accordance with the Assam Accord, 1985, and made no mention of anyone’s religion. And while Modi had claimed there were no discussions on NRC, Amit Shah directly contradicted that soon after by saying NRC would be implemented in the entire country. 

6. Last year, Modi said, “No Indian Muslims are being sent to detention centres, and neither are there any detention centres in this country.” Contrarily, there are 6 detention centres just in Assam, and plans to build 10 more.

In fact, as of November 22, 2019, 988 foreigners have been lodged in 6 detention centres in Assam. Land has also been identified in Nerul, Navi Mumbai, to construct Maharashtra’s first detention centre.

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It’s unbecoming of the leader of country to put out such blatant lies, but it has been happening for a while. Fortunately, the internet is useful at calling it out, but this is a dangerous trend that cannot continue.