Be it pen and paper or stapler and scissors…stationery items have definitely made our lives easier. You must have met quite a few people who enter a stationary shop without any intention of buying anything, but then, well, a fancy yet expensive set of coloured markers catches their eye and they just can’t help themselves. However, these shiny stationary items actually have some pretty interesting history attached to them that you probably didn’t know.

Here are some interesting facts about everyday stationery items:

You can actually melt these leftolas and make new crayons. No kidding.


This method was actually used until the 1770s.


Not only this, pencils can also write in zero gravity. 


Time to add a new word to your dictionary!


This man was one hell of a scientist. Read about him here.


Hard to believe but it was done to write top-secret letters during the war. The idea was later scrapped when people start noticing the unusual smell.




One more thing added to the list of inventions that were created by accident which now prove to be useful for us. 


Both the red and the blue parts are only meant to erase pencil marks.



The woods are indeed lovely, dark and… useful.


One clever invention, would you agree?    


It was initially named after the company, E.H. Hotchkiss Company of Norwalk, Connecticut, which invented it.       


Quite fascinating!

Designed by: Disha Bhanot