While millions of Indians were left heartbroken after India’s defeat in Champions trophy final on Sunday, videos claiming that Muslims in India celebrated Pakistan’s win emerged on social media. 

The videos drew a lot of traction and shares on social media. The comment sections were filled with vicious anti-Muslim rants. However, it soon came to the fore that the videos were fake.

One video, which went viral on social media was of two youths riding on a bike carrying a green flag. Many netizens took up the flag as that of Pakistan. However, a closer look clearly shows that the flag carried by the youths isn’t actually a Pakistani flag. 


Interestingly, the video was first uploaded on YouTube in March this year.

The second video showing a group of Muslims celebrating Pakistan’s win was claimed to be from India but that’s not the case. 

Showing a large group of people watching the cricket match beamed through a huge projector, the video was actually of Pakistani Bohra community in Karachi cheering for Pakistan. On a closer look, it’s clearly visible that match is being broadcast on PTV  Sports. 

Feature image source: Video Screenshot