Earlier this week, 2 minor boys were killed when the peaceful CAB protests turned violent by police firings in Guwahati.  Sam, one of the deceased had high spirits amidst the curfew and was set join the protest organised by AASU before the innocent was shot dead. 

The Indian Express

The peaceful protests halted in the afternoon by 3 PM and Sam was on his way home to Hatigaon Bhetapara with his friends. His home was 9kms away but by then the sporadic protests in the city had started.  


People all over were burning tyres, destroying barricades and dividers while clashing with security forces. When they reached Hatigaon, there was a group of 500 protestors. 

North East Now

Ibadul Hoque, Sam’s classmate who was accompanying him through the protests mentioned how the crowd was peacefully chanting slogans when the street lights went off and the police started firing: 

We were only shouting slogans. Everybody started running for their life.

After the firing halted, amidst the chaos, they saw Sam lying on the floor, he was shot. Horque thinks that Sam must have tried to help people because he was always smiling and helpful. Ibadul further opens up: 

He was shot through his mouth. 

Sam’s friends and family were inconsolable after they were waiting to claim their 17-year-old’s body to be brought from Guwahati Medical College and Hospital.


His parents weren’t in a condition to say anything, but Dolly, Sam’s 22-year-old cousin spoke up: 

I don’t think he even knew the full meaning of the citizenship law, he just went to protest because everyone was doing so. He also went to see Zubeen Garg. 

Furious for her 17-year-old innocent cousin’s death, she felt helpless and further questioned the authorities and their failure to protect him: 

People are dying and the government paid no heed. We voted for them. We thought they would do something. But what they did was they killed our brother, who had no evil intentions. 

Until now, the state of Assam was burning but now with the death of two innocent minors, it’s also bleeding.