Very few nations handled the unexpected pandemic as well as New Zealand. PM Jacinda Ardern’s quick thinking in terms of lockdown, quarantine and infrastructure helped the country contain the virus. New Zealand reported only 1,556 confirmed cases and 22 deaths, a startlingly low number compared to other countries. 

This outstanding effort on her part hasn’t gone unnoticed. According to a recent poll, the popularity of the Labour Party has soared to 60.9%, an increase from 56.5% in the previous poll. This is the highest any party has risen to in the poll’s history.

These results of the Newshub-Reid Research poll which was held on July 26th, which also happened to be Jacinda’s 40th birthday, proved to be great news for the candidate. 


Apart from the party’s ratings, Jacinda’s own approval rating is at sky high as the country’s preferred prime minister at 62%. Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of this PM in the future.