Till about a few minutes ago, I thought I could consider myself a super-fan of the MCU’s magnum opus, Infinity War.

This guy, however, swooped in, did the unthinkable, shattered my delusion, and walked away with the ultimate reward.

Nem, who hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, took it upon himself to watch Avengers: Infinity War a record number of times.

He successfully went on this super-quest, one day at a time.

And he finally made it through watching the film a whopping 46 times without breaking a sweat.

b’Source: Giphy’

Now, before you climb on to your judgy high horse, let me tell you he did this on the side of his full-time job of a composer, and his pursuit did not go waste. His commitment was soon noticed by the filmmakers — the Russo Brothers.

And the Russos rewarded Nem with an invitation to the premiere of Avengers 4!

Congrats, Nem! You are officially my most revered and most hated person of the month. Though it’s so cool that you took on this challenge and got recognised for it.

As for us normies. Now that we know this is what it takes, I’m just 43 screenings away from a premiere invitation.

Wish me luck!