Do not judge a book by its cover: something that a farmer taught us all, yet again. Kempegowda, who’s a farmer from Karnataka’s Chikkasandra Hobli was allegedly insulted by an executive when he went to buy an SUV. The farmer had visited the showroom on Friday, along with his friends. What happened with them isn’t something new but it is still shocking.

Times of India

The salesman humiliated Kempegowda, saying that he couldn’t afford the car, because he hardly looks like someone who’d have a ten-rupee note in his pocket. 


The farmer and his friends were angered by the behavior. Kempegowda asked the salesman if he would deliver the car on the same day if he brought back Rs 10 lakh, in cash. He was able to return with the amount within thirty minutes. However, the salesman couldn’t manage the delivery, the same day – considering the long waiting list. As a result of the incident, an argument broke out at the showroom and the police had to intervene.

The video of the incident has been widely shared and even flagged on Twitter to Anand Mahindra. Kempegowda demanded an apology from the showroom and the salesman. After the salesman apologized to him and his friends, Kempegowda mentioned that he was no longer interested in buying the car from the showroom.