Planning for a long road trip, or holiday? I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss your power bank behind. After all, you won’t get charging points on roads. And moreover, if there’s no electricity most of us would panic.

Ever imagined, how the farmers who walked more than 180 km in scorching heat managed to keep in contact with each other and with their families back home? 

Meet Nathu Nivrutti Udar. This farmer was spotted with a solar panel on his head. 


While he must not have been sure of getting sufficient food and water on his way, he made sure that he keeps his and other farmers’ phones charged, free of cost.

According to a report by Scroll, not just Udar, but a few more farmers were also seen with these devices. 


In a country where development of solar power is still in nascent stages, and more than 50 million rural households do not have access to basic amenities, including electricity, these images should fill you with hope and despair. 

These farmers who make a living working in farms, are being smart, innovative and resourceful.

An old Greek proverb says, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” It truly is.

India has huge solar power potential and we are nowhere close to harnessing it at its fullest. But these farmers through their use of a device which is still a prototype, have proved their ingenuity.

While the demands they have been putting forth are quite genuine and government has accepted them after the protest, they deserve more development in their villages.