A farmer and his son were left hanging from a power cable while protesting against the laying of high-tension cable through their agricultural field. The duo stayed suspended for about 15 minutes before loosing grip and injuring themselves, reports Pune Mirror

The incident took place in Andhra Pradesh’s Anantpur district on Sunday when Karnataka State Electricity Board officials, along with a contractor, were laying power lines between Madakasira village in Andhra Pradesh and Pavagada in Tumukur district of Karnataka.

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With the power lines passing through their field, a local farmer K Nabi Rasool and his son Vanoor Saheb approached the contractors and demanded to be compensated for it. When asked to come back later, they held on to the wire in a manner of protest. The contractor asked his men to raise the wire and the duo was left hanging from it at a height of 30 feet. 

They soon lost hold and fell to the ground. As per a India Today report, Vanoor was injured and admitted to a hospital in Hindupur.

The KSEB officials had reportedly promised a compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the farmer but have paid only Rs 90,000 so far. 

(Feature image source: YouTube)