According to a report by News 18, farmer Amade Lakshminarayana from Baruve village in Shimoga district of Karnataka, was made to walk 15 kilometers on foot to repay a loan of ₹3.46.

He owed that money to Canara Bank and was summoned by the branch in the nearby town called Nittur.

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On receiving the call from the bank executive, Amade rushed on foot as there was no transport available due to the lockdown.

It was only after he reached the branch that he was told he needs to pay ₹3.46, which he immediately did.

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In a statement given to News 18, he said:

When the bank called me to rush urgently. I panicked. There is no bus service due to lockdown. I don’t have any vehicle, not even a bicycle. I reached the bank by foot to clear my outstanding amount of paltry ₹3.46. The bank’s inhuman act has hurt me.

He further told that he had taken an agricultural loan worth  ₹35,000 from the bank. Out of which, the government waived off ₹32,000 and he paid the remaining amount.

But apparently, he fell ₹3 short.

Following mass criticism, local bank manager L Pingva said that they also needed his signatures. As a response to which, people rightfully pointed out that making someone walk this long a distance for even that is brutal.