Recently I came across a very realistic portrait of Cristiano Ronaldo that had been doing the rounds on social media. Turns out, this jaw-dropping piece of art was painted as a tribute to the goal-making machine by one of his die-hard fans. 

Source: AwesomeByte

 I was obviously stunned to see the perfection of this realistic portrait but I was more surprised to discover how the artist made it. 

Source: Instagram

The painting was crafted by an Iranian artist, Fateme Hamami. Like most of the other artists, she doesn't use her hands to paint, her approach is very different. 

85 percent of Fateme's body is paralyzed but she doesn't let her disability come in the way of her passion. Fateme uses her big toe to sketch and draw life-like portraits of famous celebrities: 

Apart from Christino Ronaldo, this uber-talented artist has sketched portraits of other famous football players Lionel Messi.


Netizens from all across the globe are star-struck by the viral painting of Ronaldo and are applauding Fateme's exceptional talents: 

So we checked out some more realistic portraits by Fateme, turns out she is a big-time Bollywood buff too!

Fateme's hustle to follow her passion is going to inspire generations to come.