We know how our parents would go to any lengths to make us study. But, hey, not just that, you are also expected to score soaring grades in your exams!

Reportedly, a father in China cried his heart out after his son scored six out of 100 points on a math exam. That’s not it- there’s more to this unfortunately funny tale.

Henan Province, the father taught his son mathematics for an entire year, only for his son to score a 6 out of 100 in his examination.  

The father was bursting into tears as he said: 

I don’t care anymore, my efforts are wasted, let him struggle by himself. 

The reports claim that Henan (father) was unhappy to see his son’s grades dropping as he would sometimes score between 40 to 50 marks to 80 to 90 marks.  

Here have a look at the video:

People had mixed reactions to this. While some called out the father, others understood the plight of the little kid. 

High five! If this reminded you of your school days.

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