No parent should ever have to bury their child. No matter, who you are, you shouldn't have to go through something like that. 

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So one can imagine how difficult it must be for John Reid, who lost his 16-year-son, Dakota in a car accident. 

However, he had decided to donate his son’s organs, including his heart.

A month after donating his son's organs, he received a little gift from the person who received his son's heart.

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John's wife Stephanie posted a video showing her husband's reaction as he opened the package from the recipient of his son's heart, Robert O'Connor. In a letter he said: 

I would have preferred to give this to you in person, but not sure when that would happen.

It was a teddy bear wearing a 'Best Dad Ever' t-shirt with a recording of his son's heartbeat.

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Speaking to CBS, John said: 

When I got the bear, my heart was filled with joy. I did not expect any of this...  never left Dakota's side. At night I would lay my head on his chest for hours at a time, every night, listening to his heartbeat. Now, thanks to Bob, I can listen to his heartbeat again!
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Twitter has been weeping after watching the video. 

Oh man, this just breaks my heart.