If you love cooking or watch a lot of cooking videos, you have probably heard of Grandpa Kitchen, a channel with over 6 million subscribers. 

Of course, it was grandpa’s cooking skills and simplicity that got him so many followers from India and abroad. 

Unfortunately grandpa, Narayan Reddy, breathed his last on Sunday, October 27. He was 73. 

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Hailing from Telangana, internet’s favourite chef grandpa was famous for cooking simple yet tasty meals for orphan kids in his backyard. 

A lush green backdrop, a calm and composed appearance and food that looked sumptuous, Reddy’s show was massively followed by users all across the globe. 


The news was shared with his subscribers through a video uploaded on his channel on Wednesday. 

Known for his extraordinary cooking skills, Reddy always cooked in large proportions and was popular because of his good deeds. 

From cooking 500 packets of Maggi in one go to teaching netizens how to prepare KFC-styled chicken, Grandpa Kitchen became a regular part of many cooking aspirants and budding chefs. 

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He will also be remembered for his mouth-watering sweet dishes such as Oreo Pudding, gulab jamuns, etc. 

But the biggest reason of him being adored around the world was the reason he started his YouTube channel. All his meals would go to the underprivileged kids and orphans. 


The bio on his channel read this. 

We entertain people by cooking food and donate the proceeds to charities. Our goal is to provide basic necessities like food, clothing, school supplies and birthday gifts to the orphans. 

Grandpa cooked crispy potato fingers, his last meal, on September 20. He had been away from cooking duties since then due to his deteriorating health. 

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Grandpa’s passing away sadly has left a huge void that will be extremely hard to fill. Though his channel remains, it is very rare that we will see someone like Narayan Reddy, who was so passionate about his deeds.

Rest in Peace!