Set against the backdrop of the slums of Jogeshwari in Mumbai and the festival of Dahi Handi , ‘Suburban King/Top Girl’ is a documentary music video that glimpses into the lives of Vidhyadhar Achrekar, Prapti Nilesh Desai and Sandeep Coach, as they prepare for the climb of their lives.

Brought to life by ad-man/director, Aakash Bhatia, this 6-minute documentary details the emotions of fear, fame and ambition as they rush through the protagonists, who are driven by the sport of Human Pyramid and the desire to achieve greatness.

“When I began this, I thought that the sport was more celebratory. It was only later that I realised how intense it is,” Aakash tells us.

Their journey is set to the track ‘Disco Disco’ by artist Donn Bhat .

“Researched over many months, shot over 10 days and nights, completely self-financed by “, ‘Suburban King/Top Girl’ is a story of perseverance. It’ll have you cheering for Vidhyadhar as he scales the human pyramid, empathising with Sandeep Coach’s fears and believing that Prapti will eventually make it to the top.

“If this story inspires people the way it inspired me, then that’s all I can ask for,” Aakash signs off.