A study has finally gone ahead and proved what the rest of the world has been claiming for the last couple of centuries — the eldest child is the smartest. It’s official . I kid you not.

Are you the first-born in your family? You’ll definitely want to read this! A study from Leipzig University has found that each successive sibling has a lower IQ than the one before. If it helps, it’s nothing to do with biology, but rather upbringing.


Just in case you were wondering why the first-borns are cleverer than their siblings, it is because the older siblings receive their parents’ undivided attention. Add to that the benefit of ‘teaching’ younger siblings, explained The Telegraph .

Leipzig University’s Dr Julia Rohrer explained, While the firstborn gets full parental attention, at least for some months or years, additional children will have to share from the beginning,” The Independent reported .


Of course the younger children agree. They have been conditioned to think of themselves as less clever than their siblings. But the good news is that the difference is relatively small — at around 1.5 IQ points for each younger sibling, the German researchers explained.

The middle child in me is not very happy with this news…