Indian Military Academy (IMA) witnessed a new addition this year as a pair of identical twins graduated from the same batch for the very first time in its history.    

Hindustan Times

According to reports, Abhinav Pathak and Parinav Pathak, who are just two minutes apart from each other were quite popular at IMA. Their similar facial features created a lot of confusion for both the trainers and the staff there.   

The two had their fair share of mischief at the academy on each other’s account.    

At times, when I would see my company’s mess table crowded, I would go to my brother’s mess which had fewer cadets having food. Nobody was able to identify me. 

DNA India

Reportedly, people could only tell them apart when they wore their separate PT uniforms or wore their company batches. But all in all they both have been quite competitive since the begining. 


During their graduation, a senior IMA official mentioned that there have been brothers graduating from the academy, but none of them have been identical twins who graduated at the same time. 

National Herald India

Even though both of the brothers have spent majority of their 22 years together, they both have been assigned different regiments to continue with.