A fisherman in Spain claims he was gobbled up by a Blue Whale at sea. No, really.

Luigi Marquez, 56, was missing ever since he was thrown off his boat during a sea storm, and was presumed dead since coast guards could not locate him for days. But in a matter of days, Luigi reappeared suddenly and stunned everyone, with his tale of surviving inside a whale for three days and three nights, The Indian Express reported.

b’Representational image | Source: Reuters’

After he was swallowed by the whale, Luigi found himself shivering inside a dark place, which was the belly of the beast. He was frightened but pulled himself together and survived on raw fish and a light in his waterproof watch, which also helped him keep track of time. He was finally flushed out of the whale’s system 72 hours later.

Luigi said that apart from the fear, he could never forget the putrid stench inside the whale’s body, and had to wash for three days to get rid of the smell.

b’An artistic depiction of Jonah inside a whale | Source: AFP’

While surviving for three days is extraordinary, this isn’t the first time such an incident has been reported, as biologist Juan Cristobal Miguel from University of San Petrina told World News Daily,

“Only last year, two scuba divers off the coast of Portugal lived the same story after being accidentally swallowed by a blue whale. Fortunately, they were immediately expelled of the giant mammal’s body.”