People across India are protesting the CAA and NRC being implemented by the Indian government. So the fishermen in Kerala also decided to join in and show their support against the Citizenship Amendment Act. They huddled their boats together in the sea and sailed while waving the national flag and shouting slogans. 

“Whose land? Our land”, “Whose India it is? Our India” they chanted while taking out a unique ‘water march’ in Kozhikode’s Chaliyam where hundreds of boats moved in a tandem.

This organised protest involved fishermen from different religions and different walks of life, said the invitation sent to the fisherman. 

As a way of sustaining our country’s religious diversity, we request everyone and all fishworkers to participate with their boats, irrespective of what religion they belong to. (This protest is) against the central government’s move to deny citizenship to one community on the basis of their religion.


The person who shot the video said that these are the same fishermen who saved several lives during the 2018 and 2019 floods.