Five top doctors including the Chief Executive Officer and medical director of Mumbai’s LH Hiranandani hospital were arrested on Tuesday for alleged involvement in the kidney transplant racket that was busted by the Mumbai police last month.

Mumbai Police’s spokesperson DCP Ashok Dudhe said the five doctors were arrested late on Tuesday evening.

With these arrests, the police have so far arrested 14 people in the case out of which six are associated with the hospital, reports Indian Express. 

CEO Dr Sujit Chatterjee, medical director Dr Anurag Naik, Dr Mukesh Shetye, Dr Mukesh Shaha and Dr Prakash Shetye were arrested under the Transplantation of Human Organs Act, he said.

b’Source: Twitter/ @IndiaToday’

The racket came to light when the police were tipped off that a kidney transplant operation had been scheduled on July 14 at the privately-run Hiranandani Hospital where donor and recipient were not related.

The operation on Brijkishor Jaiswal, the recipient, was stopped as police found that the woman who was donating him the kidney was not his wife, contrary to the papers submitted by the duo.

The woman had pretended to be his wife only to be able to donate the kidney to Jaiswal, according to the police.

The police then started probing if anybody else had received kidney using similar subterfuge and if the hospital authorities were involved. 

The police has said that the doctors were arrested based on the state health department report that pointed to their alleged involvement in the racket. 

(Feature image source: PTI)