After the horrific attack on the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, five-year-old Louis was found dazed and in a local hospital covered in blood. But it wasn’t his blood, it was that of his mother and grandmother, both of whom formed a protective shield around him as gunmen stormed into the concert hall assault rifles blazing.

Louis had accompanied his mother 35-year-old Elsa Delplace and grandmother, 61-year-old Patricia San Martin, to the concert hall for the Eagles of Death Metal concert on Friday night when tragedy struck, reported the Independent .

Elsa Delplace. Source: Facebook

Writing about her friend who had given up her life while protecting her child, Sihem Souid wrote in French newspaper Le Point that her friend had always been against all kinds of injustice.

“She always fought against injustice. I think it was due to her family history – her Chilean mother fled the dictatorship of Pinochet,” she wrote.

Souid wrote that when she had seen a message from a friend expressing his condolences over her passing she assumed it was a ‘bad joke’. But when it finally confirmed she felt ‘devastated’.