She is just five days old, but is already a permanent account number (PAN) card holder.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, she has just become the youngest in India to have a PAN card in her name.

Aashi was born on February 21 to Kumar Sajal and Smriti Sinha in Bihar’s Munger district. She was allotted the PAN card on February 26.

Sajal, who is a businessman, told HT that he has recommended his daughter’s name for the Guinness Book of World Records. His wife Smriti works in an HR firm in Bengaluru and is currently on leave. The couple told the paper that Aashi has already become a local celebrity.

Other infant PAN card holders

The first in India to claim this record was Ayush Ranjan Rout from Odisha, who was allotted this document when he was three months old. 

It was followed by Krishhney Thacker from Mumbai, who got one when he was 56 days old. 

Chennai’s Akshita broke Thacker’s record when she was 49 days old.

Then, Bipasha Modak of West Bengal claimed the record after her parents got the document when she was 22 days old. 

Aahna Modi of Rajkot was the next claimant, who got it when she was just 10 days old.

The record was broken by Aryan Choudhary of Jaipur, who got it when he was just seven days old.

Feature image source: twitter