Flipkart has joined ranks with some of the highest paying e-commerce companies in the country, with the executive level employees of the company earning remuneration in eight-figures .

The present salaries for the executives are equivalent to those of consumer conglomerate ITC.

Flipkart Internet’s employee benefit has increased to over ₹476 Crore this year, making the annual salaries for 23 executive employees over ₹1 Crore.


Flipkart’s Chief People Officer drew in ₹18.73 Crore annually.

Mekin Maheshwari, who has now quit for an advisory role, drew in as much during 2014-15. That is more than the salaries of chief executives like Hindustan Unilever’s Sanjiv Mehta and ITC Chairman YC Deveshwar.


These are salaries not including Flipkart India and Flipkart Logistics.

Experts suggest that the figures could swell up a lot more if the other group companies were to be included.


Considering the fact that the kind of talent e-commerce companies are in search for is scarce and in high demand, and the incredible amount of pressure coming in with the job to meet targets, the salaries are justified.

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