“Beauty breeds success”- read the email that Flipkart sent out to the masses as a promotion for women’s products. Taking aggressive advertising to a whole new low, the email in question blatantly implies that “beautiful” women in fact achieve more in life owing to their appearances.

“Research show that beautiful women are more successful in their lives.”- reads the mail that Flipkart sent out.

This outrageously sexist email has triggered an avalanche of backlash on social media.

Flipkart, however, promptly came forth with apologies and promises to look into the matter.

Punit Soni, the company’s chief product officer, tweeted:

This isn’t the only instance of glaring sexism that Flipkart has resorted to, as has been pointed out by certain users on social media:

Such instances of insensitive advertising are extremely unethical and sexism is not going to be condoned. No Flipkart, beauty is not skin deep.