Every year, lakhs of Indian students leave for foreign shores to study there, contributing to those countries’ economies. To balance it out, India too keeps attracting foreign students to Indian Universities, though with not as much success. However, the recent report from the Union Home Ministry is certainly a breather.

Last year, the number of foreign students coming to India increased by 50% compared with 2014 as per a report by The Times Of India.

b’Source: PTI’
  • A total of 66,885 foreign students came to India in 2015, up from 44,620 in 2014. 
  • There was a 214% increase in French students and the number of those from Germany and Japan increased by 124% and 123%, respectively. 
  • Traditional incomers from Bangladesh and Afghanistan posted a high increase—670% and 112%. The two countries accounted for 11,000 students.
  • The number of students from the UK increased by only 1.8%, while those from the US dipped by 12%. 
  • The number of Chinese students increased by 123%, while the strength of South Korean students rose by 43%.

According to experts, the increase in students coming from developed countries such as France and Germany, where many Indian students opt to go for studies, is a good sign.

b’Source: PTI’

“This is an indication that at least some of our institutions are of global standards,” said Professor Anup Lal, sociology and industrial relations department, St Joseph’s College of Arts and Science, while talking to TOI. He said there was, however, concern that most of the foreign students come to India for UG courses but do not stay on to pursue research.