In a village in West Bengal’s Bankura district, there is a Ram in every house.

Hindustan Times reports that in a village in Paschim Sanabadh of Bankura district, every male child born is named in a way that his name carries ‘Ram’ as a suffix or prefix.

The tradition is being followed for the last 500 years and the area has come to be known as Rampara.

Rammay, a local of the area tells HT that they consider Ram as their kul devta and the respect is so much that they decided to make him a part of their names.

We are not concerned with what anybody says or the politics. This is our identity and we do not wish to break it, says another native, Ramcharan Mukherjee. 

Interestingly, Rampara is surrounded by villages like Jalhari, Badullara, Kapistha, Hir- which have a Muslim majority.

A native of Badullara said they live in harmony with the people of Rampara and respect their tradition. 

(Feature image source: Reuters)