Despite everything that the government claims to be doing for the migrant workers, they are still forced to walk thousands of kilometres to reach their homes, amid lockdown.


Shakuntala, wife of a migrant labourer, decided to risk her and her unborn child’s life as she set on a journey on foot from Nashik to Satna in the 9th month of pregnancy.

On the way, she gave birth to her baby on the roadside and continued the journey after resting for an hour.


A police inspector noticed the newborn baby in her arms and enquired if she needed anything. The story of her journey and delivering the baby on the way moved the police inspector. 

Shakuntala had covered 70 km before giving birth and 160 km after that. Speaking to TOI, Shakuntala’s husband narrated their ordeal. He said:

A Sikh family gave clothes and essentials for the newborn baby at Dhule.
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Shakuntala’s husband and other people walking with them had lost their jobs in Nashik due to the shutdown of industries. With no food and money left, they decided to walk to their homes in Madhya Pradesh.

As per reports, the administration has now arranged for their safe journey to their villages via bus.

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Helpless and desperate to reach homes, these migrant workers are risking their lives, every day.