Homages all over the world are pouring in for ‘the greatest’ Muhammad Ali whose demise has left a big hole in the sports world. Following the same trend, Kerala Sports Minister and senior CPM leader E P Jayarajan offered his tribute to boxing legend too in an audio interview to a Malayalam news channel.

b’E P Jayarajan. Source: Twitter’

And brace yourself, here’s what he said on live TV:

”Just now, I have heard the news that Muhammad Ali died in America. He was a great personality in Kerala’s sports world. Winning gold medals, he took the fame of Kerala to the world and to the skies. I am expressing Kerala’s grief in his death”


Yes, and we don’t know whether to laugh or cry! 

Thankfully, the anchor was quick enough to sense more embarrassment, so she cut off the audio of the minister but the Internet had already started trolling him for this huge gaffe as it did for Anadita Patel who had called Ali a great ‘footballer’

These are a few golden reactions:

All we can say is please check facts before speaking or else remember the phrase ‘ silence is golden’?