Former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju is not really known for mincing words. In fact, he is quite famous for airing his views on social media.

On Tuesday, his latest post on cows and deaths due to cow vigilantism might end up ruffling some feathers. 

Katju in his post writes, “there is a Hollywood film called The Planet of the Apes in which apes conquer and enslave humans. I recommend to Bollywood film producers to make a film called ‘The Planet of the Cows ‘ in which cows conquer and enslave Indians.”

Katju remarked that movie will gross more money than Baahubali

Katju’s comments comes a day after two men in Assam were allegedly lynched over cow theft.  Senior police officials said the men, aged between 20-25 years, were severely beaten up by the mob, who alleged that they were involved in cow theft.

Bollywood actress Kajol also raised some eyebrows when she shared a video of a beef dish on her Twitter account. The actress later took down the video and clarified that it was, in fact, buffalo meat and not beef. 

(Feature image source: Facebook)