A rather silly but very hilarious video of Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s bizarre suggestion has been winning the internet lately. 

You must have seen it too, perhaps on Whatsaap or on your timeline where Rahul Gandhi can be seen pitching an idea to install a one-of-its-kind machine in Gujarat that will legit turn potatoes into gold. 

“Aisi machine lagaunga, iss side se aaloo ghusega aur uss side se sona niklega” ( I’ll install such a machine where if you insert a potato on one side it will come out as gold from the other), he can be heard saying in a rally. 

Quite obviously, in no time this genius idea became the butt of all jokes. It seemed for a while that ghosts from Rahul Gandhi’s own past have come back to haunt him and his new adopted PR strategy to repackage himself. 

You know, all that I-am-your-Desi-Justin-Trudeau thing? Yeah. 

But sorry to break your bubble, it turns out that the viral clip is actually manipulated. 

The clip is a tiny part of a 26-minute long video which has been mischievously edited.

In the original video, Rahul Gandhi is quipping that remark to mock PM Narendra Modi’s promises to the people of Gujarat. (The comment starts at 17:36 in the longer clip below)

Here’s the entire clip:

He was speaking at a rally in Gujarat’s Patan on Tuesday ahead of elections in the state. 

However, his comment backfired after its edited version went viral online, leaving people in splits. 

Alas! joke or not, secretly, we really wished that this machine existed.  

(Feature image source: PTI)