Another case of violence and sexual assault has surfaced on the internet. Recently, four men tracked a 22-year-old man's location in Mumbai through his Instagram post and allegedly gang-raped the victim for several hours in a moving vehicle.

Source: Deccan Herald

The next morning, after they raped the man multiple times, they dumped him on the road from a moving car.

According to Free Press Journal, one out of the three suspects is a minor and all of them were following the victim on Instagram.  

Source: Deccan Herald

Upon seeing a selfie that the victim had posted on Instagram, the accused used it to track down his location. 

According to the Police, they used the details of a restaurant in the background of the picture to get more information and before they finally approached him.

Source: Business Insider

The suspects then approached him and said that they were "fans" and asked him if he'd be willing to go on a bike ride with the two suspects. 

Source: YouTube

The victim agreed but as soon as the bike was headed towards Vidyavihar, the victim requested them to stop. However, the suspects took him to a railway station in Vidyavihar, where they shoved him in a car and assaulted him. 

Source: Mumbai Live

After he was abandoned by the attackers, the victim called his parents and the police. Vinboa, an official from Kurla police station mentioned that a case was filed under IPC Section 377 (forcible same-sex intercourse), 323 ( assault).

The police has managed to track down the accused from their registered number plates that they discovered from the CCTV footage.