At least four persons lost their eyesight, while the vision of 19 others was critically affected after surgeries were allegedly by doctors at a cataract check-up camp in Maharashtra’s Washim district, a senior health official informed on, Thursday, November 5.

Washim’s civil surgeon and the doctor who performed surgeries on the patients were suspended in view of the botch-up. The health department officials have also recommended suspension of a doctor at Akola Medical College.

“On October 31, we got reports of surgery botch-up at the Washim cataract check-up camp and subsequent negligence at the Akola Medical College. The health department officials immediately swung into action and shifted 22 patients from Washim and Akola to Mumbai’s J J Hospital, where all efforts are being made to restore their eye-sight under the supervision of world class ophthalmologists.”

“Following reports are finding serious negligence on the part of the doctors at Washim Hospital and Akola Medical College. The state health minister has ordered suspension of Washim civil surgeon Surekha Mende and Dr P P Chauhan, who performed surgeries on nearly 14 patients at the eye cataract check-up camp,” said the officials.

Noted eye-surgeon at Mumbai’s J J Hospital, Dr T P Lahane told PTI, “We are doing every bit to treat the patients in order to restore their eyesight. They have severe ‘pseudomonas’ infection in the eyes. We have operated 21 patients out of whom 14 were severely infected. Rest have minor-to-serious infection. We have managed to restore the eye-sight in four patients, while another four completely lost their vision. As of now there are 19 patients admitted in critical condition of eyes and we are trying our best to treat them.”