The lockdown has made everyone miss dating but, even then people are looking for unique ways to keep the romance alive. 

Speaking of which, Marina from France, shared her lockdown love story on Reddit and it’s gone viral ever since. Their love story is cute, dreamy and beautiful. 

Marina and Antoine matched on a dating app and they instantly hit it off. They enjoyed each other’s company and spent hours learning about each other’s interests. Marina in a interview said:

We matched on the Bumble dating app, started talking during the lockdown and we actually got to know each other better thanks to a ‘300 questions’.

Everything was going great and they were finally ready to meet on a date. But, due to the ongoing pandemic, they knew they’d have to wait a little longer since restaurants and movie theaters have been ordered shut in France. Marina said:

We started doing phone calls and eventually were video-chatting every day. Our feelings developed rapidly, which led to being really excited to finally meet each other physically.

It was a bit disappointing but, both of them decided to wait for the right moment. Meanwhile, to make things interesting they matched outfits for their future dates, hoping that one day they will finally get to meet each other face-to-face. 

And as luck would have it, after waiting patiently their wish was granted. The couple went out on their first date and now they are officially dating. How cute is that! The couple said:

We felt so comfortable with one another. 

As planned, on their first date, they wore matching outfits. Sweet!

While some Reddit users congratulated the new couple, others were quite impressed with their dressing sense and style.

Antoine is a waiter, graphic designer, and DJ and Marina is a disability rights advocate. Naturally, they can’t wait to go on more dates and spend quality time with each other, all while wearing their matching outfits, of course. 

Ahh! Such is love. It always finds a way to fill our hearts with joy. *happy tears*

Now, excuse me please, I need to find myself a tissue. 

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