A bakery owner in France, named Cedric Vaivre, was recently asked to pay $3,600 (₹2.5 lakh) to the government for not adhering to labour laws in the country, reports CNN.


His crime? He worked too hard and did not take a single leave during the summer of 2017. As weird as it sounds, it’s absolutely true. 

The French are known to take their bread very seriously. So much, that they have specific laws regarding which bread can be called what and how many days the bakeries can stay open.

Obon Paris

The law says that the bakeries have to stay shut at least one day in the week and this is where Vaivre was found culpable. 

Due to high demands, he kept the bakery functioning on all days of the week and hence, was asked to pay a fine. 

The Local

Vaivre is getting support from people of his hometown who are asking the government to abolish the rule, which is called Prefectural Decree of 15 December 1994.

They have also demanded the fine to be waived off, stating that people should have the right to work for as many days as they want.

This is such a novel idea for us overworked and underpaid Indians.