Most world leaders are ditching the handshake and are adapting the Indian style of greeting given the current scenario. Because, right now, shaking hands must be avoided at all costs. 

This time, French president Emmanuel Macron welcomed German Chancellor Angela Merkel at his Mediterranean holiday retreat, in southern France, by leaning forward and folding his hands in the traditional Indian greeting style. 

Angela Merkel also reciprocated with Namaste

The two leaders are meeting to discuss a long list of subjects including the pandemic, post-election unrest in Belarus and growing tensions with Turkey.

Their clip of greeting each other with Namaste has gone viral on the internet and Indians can’t keep calm. 

In the past, US President Donald Trump and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were one of the first world leaders who endorsed Namaste, the Indian style of greeting, in order to abide by social distancing norms and to avoid getting infected.

Have to say, Namaste is becoming quite a popular form of greeting among world leaders in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. Namaste goes global!