A few months ago, we wouldn’t have imagined the world to change so much so fast. 

The pandemic has hit every person on this planet, and has forced them changed habits overnight. Now, while some of those will go eventually (or even immediately in certain cases), the others will stay. Here we look at things/industries that coronavirus has transformed forver.

1. Buying groceries.

With the movement of the entire world getting limited in the past few months, people have realised the importance and efficiency of online ordering/delivery services. By the time things get back to normal, people will get used to convenience, hence affecting the local marts and roadside shops.

It has already been estimated that India’s online grocery business will hit the $10.5 billion-mark by 2023.


2. Office work.

If the pandemic has made us realise anything, it’s the fact that everyone doesn’t need to go to office to get work done. Work from home is expected to increase in coming years, as corporations would also want to cut down on the cost of having so many people in office when they can easily work from elsewhere.

As a report from The Indian Express suggests, India might see 15% of its corporate workforce, operating from home permanently.

The verge

3. Eating outside.

We might see a sharp rise in people opting for reservations and huge decline in crowd/queues before shops. Just like grocery shopping, ordering in might also become an option people choose more than they did before.

Eat This Not That

4. Online dating.

Well well well. The swipe-match-meet generation might have to take a step back because you wouldn’t want to meet someone who could be carrying the virus and is asymptomatic. We may go back to things as they were but it will take one year at least (sigh).


5. Pooling in cabs.

We can bid goodbye to the economical option of sharing rides for now, as people are sceptical about taking cabs in the first place, let alone being with a stranger for the ride.

Zee NEws

6. Sports events.

Remember Wankhede on the final World Cup? Yeah, that’s not happening for some time. Sports, the one to take the hardest blow in the entertainment/recreational zone, is just getting back up on its feet. Countries and clubs have just started giving permission for for matches, and the return of fans to stadiums looks like something that will take a lot of time to happen.


7. Education.

Much like offices, some universities might want to continue with online classes, especially for overseas students. There are some difficulties in this but if those are fixed, which they will be, things might change a lot. 

The Indian Express

8. Healthcare.

This is one thing we sincerely hope changes for the better. The pandemic has made us realise the importance of a good healthcare system and how much a country relies on it. The legislation might change in many countries, making it a bigger priority.

Indian Folk

9. Consuming entertainment.

While the changes in the entertainment industry had started years ago with OTT platforms replacing conventional viewing, the pandemic just made them more solid (read this research to understand things better). I mean, we have movies releasing straight on Netflix now. 500 for popcorn and coke? I guess we will have to wait and watch.


10. Consumption of meat.

How did coronavirus start? While that remains a mystery, many people are convinced it is animal-borne. And even those who aren’t, are willing to give up on meat just as a precaution. Let’s see what happens.

Osseo Meat

11. Music events/concerts.

Enjoying live music, grooving to songs and enjoying watching artists perform may not be the same again. Organising performances, gigs and concerts could become more digital, with event management companies and organisers creating online platforms where viewers pay to watch their favourite artists perform exclusively. Listn.tv for instance is one such platform, created solely for musicians to be able to create shows and charge viewers or open up fan donations anywhere between INR 50/- to INR 2,000/-.

Economic Times

Things will never be the same again.