From her fiery speeches during parliamentary sessions to her on-point interviews, TMC MP Mahua Moitra has proved time after time, she’s not one to mince words. 


After her latest speech at the parliament went viral, Youtuber and satirist Akash Banerjee, through his alter ego ‘Bhakt Banerjee’, invited Mahua Moitra for an interview on his channel, The Deshbhakt (a political & social satire platform).

What followed was an interview where everything, from the reason behind Moitra’s ‘anger’ to the ‘fake news factory’ to the upcoming Bengal elections was discussed. 

Mahua talked about what brought tears to her eyes during Parliamentary sessions, while also explaining why she is always ‘angry’ in her speeches. 

She also offered a suggestion to what the ruling party should do about their dislike for the world ‘secular’ being a part of the Preamble in the Constitution. 

Her wit and sarcasm were on fine display when she addressed CAA, and what she learned from a ‘Western’ education system. 

But it was her not-so-subtle dig at the way BJP is campaigning for the Bihar elections that proved to one of the key takeaways from the interview. 

Ultimately though, her reference to the way the fake news factory functions proved to be the real highlight of the discussion. 

From Modi Ji’s new look to why she is ‘scared’ that her party might not win, Mahua Moitra was at her sarcastic best. You can watch the complete interview here: 

H/T: The Fake News Factory is the Real Surgical Strike! | Bhakt Banerjee vs #MahuaMoitra​ | Akash Banerjee

All images are screenshots from the interview, unless specified otherwise.