Rapper Wiz Khalifa just chose the wrong spot for riding a hoverboard on a fine Sunday. Khalifa was handcuffed and then released by US Customs officers after refusing to stop riding his hoverboard at Los Angeles International Airport, authorities said on Sunday, August 23.

A video on Khalifa’s Instagram site shows three US Customs and Border Protection officers pinning Khalifa to the floor on Saturday and telling him to quit resisting.

3 cops yell stop resisting. Only thing to do is let em know. I’m not resisting, I’m doin what I want.

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“I am not resisting, sir,” Khalifa, 27, says in the video.”I didn’t do nothing, what you want to do? Put me in jail because I didn’t listen to what you say?,” Khalifa tells them.

So Khalifa, if you love riding hoverboard, the playground is the place for you. Airports are for those who love riding the plane.

Feature image source: @wizkhalifa , girlmeetslaw

( With inputs from Reuters )